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I am lucky as my husband has commissioned not only an beautiful jewellery box but a one of a kind, amazing cedar chest as well from Reid for me. To have something hand made by someone who cares about the work they do makes it far more special than anything he could have ever bought in a store.
Heather 2/4/2017
Reid made us beautiful custom cedar boxes to be used as urns for my parents ashes. They are very well made and stunning with the oiled cedar sides and darker oiled top. We will keep Reid in mind when thinking about other wood projects!!
Tanis 7/28/2016
Reid made us some awesome display stands for our store. He had great ideas and they turned out even better than expected. Quickly delivered as well!
Debbie Carton 5/22/2016
We had all of my Husbands urns made here. They turned out very nice.,they were done exactly how we wanted them - very natural looking.
We will be having some pet urns made as well in the future.
Sonia Kovacs 7/3/2015
Through all of the stress of a funeral he went above and beyond to make an urn in 4 days plus 4 smaller urns afterwards. Everything turned out beautiful.
Shelby 7/2/2015
We had small keepsake cremation urn's and a large Urn made. They turned out wonderful and were exactly what we asked for! We unexpectedly lost a family member and the urns were rushed for us, allowing them to be completed in time for the cremation. It made the awful situation a little easier for us.
Shayna 7/2/2015
We had a custom sign made by someone in California several years ago for our lake lot. It had a main sign with our last name and first names, along with 2 separate bone shaped pieces hanging off the main sign each engraved with one of our two beloved dog's names. Unfortunately, we lost one of our furry babies two years ago due to illness. However, just last year we rescued another one from the Humane Society and wanted to add her name onto the existing sign. We no longer were in touch with the original sign maker and found ourselves trying to find someone in Edmonton that was skilled enough to do this custom job for us, as well just give the entire thing a good sand and polish, as it was starting to look a little worn. My husband came across Casper Crafts while doing a search on the internet and finding Reid to do the job was the best thing we could ever done. Not only is he a really great guy, his woodworking skills are incredible, and he is very fair priced. It took him just under a week to do the job and it almost brought tears to our eyes (including my husband's) the day we came to pick it up. The 3rd bone shaped wooden plaque he added for us matched the other ones perfectly, and the entire sign looked brand new. His love for woodworking certainly shows in his work, and he is very skilled at what he does This sign is now hanging back at our lake lot and everytime we see it with our latest furry baby's name (Phoebe) etched into the wood, it just makes us smile. THANK YOU SO MUCH REID for doing such a wonderful job on our sign, and we will certainly promote you and Casper Crafts to anyone and everyone looking for custom woodworking items. P.S. I am still trying to think of what kind of custom sign I want you to make for my Mom and will get in touch with you if I ever figure it :)
Frank and Carol Daneluk 6/12/2015
A look around my home is evidence of how much I enjoy Reid's creations. We are the happy owners of jewelry boxes, decorative cross, key holder, napkin holder and more. Most recently Reid fulfilled a custom order for me in designing and crafting a wall mounted display for my eyeglasses. Quality craftsmanship and attention to the details prompt me to recommend his work.
Paula Brown 1/21/2015
I sent an old cologne bottle and stopper to be restored. Reid did an excellent job, kept me informed of the progress (the restoration was more complicated than anticipated so took longer), and was very reasonable in the costs charged despite the obvious extra work put in. I have another little assignment in mind and I will definitely retain Reid to complete this as well. Feel confident in dealing with this gentleman.
Ken 1/13/2015
In August I was given the most devastating news I have ever received in my entire life. I was unfortunately faced with having to make an extremely difficult decision to say goodbye to my very best friend in the whole world, as many of us eventually have to do. I decided that it was unbelievably important to me to have and forever keep my Tazzy’s ashes but with it being the first time I have kept ashes, I was very unaware of how I could keep them in a way that would feel special to me and be honorable to my best friend. The more I looked at urns, the more I felt that it needed to be absolutely perfect and that I should take my time to really think about what exactly I wanted before pursuing this any further. Instead I wrapped her ashes in her favourite blanket and put off the hunt until further notice.
A few months later my parents surprised me with what is the most beautiful, perfectly crafted Tazzybear urn/ chest, something that I could have never dreamt of. I’m not sure if they could tell exactly how much I loved it by the tears pouring down my face or by the intense grip that I had around it but I definitely could have never envisioned a more perfect creation to hold my best friends remains along with her meaningful possessions. Not only did it contain the coziest built in spot for her that is nestled directly in the middle of the chest but it also is equipped with the perfect amount of space around where her ashes go so that I can keep the likes of her collar, her favourite blankets and toys, and anything else that she loved. Reid also creatively added a pin board on the inside of the lid so I could add anything else special and he then completed the top of the chest with a spot to hold her picture(s) which is also easily interchangeable if I decide to switch out the photo one day. You can tell by looking at this that there was an incredible amount of time put into this very special project from all the details to the finishing touches and even just by looking at the hardware used. It is not only an incredible masterpiece and work of art but also a truly unique keepsake of things I will forever hold true to my heart.
My dad and Reid have been friends for several years now and I have had the honor of really getting to know Reid in that time. My dad has always raved about Reid’s woodworking skills but I had never had the opportunity to see his talents up close until now. I am confident in saying that there is no one in this world that my dad would have asked or that I would have found to make me such an amazing piece and I will be forever grateful to have had Reid out of all people make this for me and my Tazzybear. I will never be able to fully express to Reid or my parents what this truly means to me but I hope everyone that reads this can tell how appreciative and completely ecstatic I am for all his hard work and efforts in making me the perfect piece for my most cherished keepsake.
Thank you Reid, from the bottom of my heart!
Steph Ruptash
Steph Ruptash 1/2/2015
Just wanted to let you know that the jewelry box you made for my oldest daughter Ella has recently become her favorite thing! She puts all of her favorite things in there and I can't convince her to leave it in her room, she carries it all over the house! So, thanks!! You've made this little girl very happy!
Gregg 11/26/2014